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Organizer report

The basic idea of RETROGames was that we wanted participants to assemble a gaming console with a Nokia 5110 LCD module attached to a Galileo gen 2 board. We prepared in total 11 circuit boards to be ready to assemble. Preparing couple of working prototypes in advance and finishing the demo codes took a bit more time that we thought, as we never had to prepare such advanced academical content. But everything started to roll on its own weight fortunately.

The first two working days went pretty well. While assembling the components into the circuit boards proved to be a quite difficult task, it was also successful. After that our participants received a few demo codes of Snake and Pong games. As result of the coding sessions we were happy to see interesting and successful game realizations.

In addition to the academic part, we of course also had fun in our free time. Beside traditional EESTEC staples like City Rally and International Night, we showed our participants the best of Finnish student culture including a sauna crawl, a private concert, some mobile sauna on a lake, putting our caps to winter rest-party, a local drinking game in a sauna, an academic dinner party called sitsit and of course some sauna!

Participant report

The organizers of RETROGames welcomed us with the hospitality and warmness for which Finnish people are so known for – or at the very least – should be known for.

We spent the first day of the academic program soldering and the results were really awesome gaming controller shields with a joystick, buttons and a Nokia 5110 LCD. We had the choice of either programming old school Nokia classics – like snake or pong - or letting our imagination code.

After collecting points in the academic program we gained a level in the Finnish student culture with its many traditions like songs, Teekkari hats, sitsits, Lakinlaskijaiset parties, guild rooms, city rallyish pub tours, an improved version of the Monopoly, overalls and patches, on-campus after lunch wine festivals and so much more. We truly got to know what it means to be a student in Finland –  having preparty sauna following party in another sauna and for the brave ones an afterparty swim in the lake, because why not?

I could go on about the amazing experience, but words can’t even go half the way. If you will ever be lucky enough to visit LC Tampere – don’t hesitate a second and you will be blown away – or more accurately – ‘finned’ away.

-Liisa Vaht
Laitteen suunnittelu: Olli Usenius
Kasaus ja testaus: Antti Peltotalo, Toni Heikkinen
Ohjelmointi: Toni Heikkinen

Grafiikka: Ariane Raschke

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